About The Chef's Table

The Chef's Table is located in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.  Our products are influenced by not just this wonderful area, but from around the world.   Our Chef Bruce has traveled extensively and enjoyed cuisine from around the globe.  He has blended these wonderful experiences into his own version of traditional dishes, spice blends, sauces and new original recipes. 

Our spice blends, sauces and recipes have evolved over the past several years.  They are time tested and have proven themselves to be not only unique, but of the highest quality and flavor.  Our customers keep coming back for more and asking for new items.  To this end we are always developing new blends, sauces and recipes.  Our Chef Bruce (a man with a truly unique sense of humor) is never at a loss for achieving new culinary heights and creative experiences.  He believes in blending food, art and imagination into new culinary experiences and is always surprising us with new dishes.

In 2019 Chef Bruce retired and sold the company to Brandon Miller (a Le Cordon Bleu Graduate).  Chef Brandon is Retired Army Sergeant and is dedicated to preserve the quality of all products.