Strawberry Heaven

Here is a dessert that had no name until someone tried it and simply described it as " a little bit of heaven!"  So we named it Strawberry Heaven.  It is a delightful mix of fresh strawberries, a little sweetening, cream cheese and whipped cream!  Now what can possibly go wrong here with that combination?  Give it a try and let us know how you like it.

TURKEY dinner

Tried to make a turkey dinner and you weren't really satisfied?  Came out dry or just did not have the flavors you were looking for?  Well The Chef's Table may well have the answer to your problems.  This recipe is a great guide for cooking the Turkey and Dressing.  The trick?  Starting hot, turning the bird over breast down and finishing slow.  It is a true labor of love, but well worth the effort!  Everyone will want more.

Lamb Stew

The season does not matter, any time is great for enjoying an Irish lamb stew. Here is a great recipe for a variation on A Ballymaloe Irish Lamb Stew.  This recipe is an adaptation of someone else's, but the variation makes it a whole new stew!  You simply have to give this one the love it deserves, and your rewards will be the raves you get when you serve it

Grilled asparagus

What could be better than grilled asparagus?  With this delicious vegetable available almost year round now having what used to be summer time treat can be had in the winter, too.  The trick is to make it like you just cut it from your own asparagus patch, and this Grilled Asparagus recipe makes it taste just like that!